Jan 30, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished object #5

while pillaging the massive markdowns last summer, i noticed a really lovely navy purse with an even lovelier silk scarf tied to the strap at anthropologie. i really loved the look of the scarf + bag combination, but i found myself at a big of an impasse: i'm sure i could find some suitable scarves around town to tie onto purses i already have, but, while i love scouring thrift stores for kooky knickknacks and anything midcentury modern, for some reason the same energy just doesn't transfer over into wearable items. digging through a basket of scarves and handkerchiefs just doesn't speak to me.

cut to me finishing my bandit scarf. i was honestly getting pretty tired of working on the thing, and i just couldn't bring myself to knit through the whole skein. i also couldn't bring myself to *shudder* throw away the leftovers, and that's when inspiration struck. lace-weight yarn knits up to about the same weight and drape as a silk scarf; i could knit my own bag scarf! not only would i save myself the time of hunting down a suitable vintage scarf, i would also avoid the unfortunate situation of having to settle for a girly floral that may be gorgeous, but not my style.

this is my first attempt at a bag scarf. i just stuck with garter stitch for lack of ideas for other stitches that would both lie flat and avoid testing my patience. over the course of knitting this model, i came up with ideas for future incarnations: seed stitch borders, tapered edges, squares, maybe even triangle shapes. expect to see more of the bag scarf both in this space and in the shop.

the stats:
  • materials: leftovers from a skein of noro sekku, size 3 needles
  • cost: $0
  • instructions: cast on 27 stitches. work in garter stitch until you reach the desired length or you're about to run out of yarn. bind off. slipping the first stitch of each row will give you a cleaner edge.

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