Jan 15, 2011

it's coming, it's coming, it's coming...

it's rainy and cold in austin, but spring must be right around the corner. the berroco spring preview has arrived, and i think the only thing that could be more exciting for me is the berroco fall preview. or anything involving baby animals. but as far as knitting is concerned, this is it for me. i love berroco yarns, i often love norah gaughan's less conceptual designs, and i pretty much want to make everything that cirilia rose has had a hand in.

norah gaughan's collections are a bit hit or miss for me, but when it's a hit, it's a "MUST KNIT EVERY PATTERN" kind of hit for me. that's how i feel about these 3 patterns. the first two are fairly similar, but i still think i need to knit them both.

the scalloped edges of this cardigan? painfully beautiful.

then, of course, there's the new vintage patterns. you all have heard about my love for vintage at length, and now there is a new member of the vintage family: vintage dk. i am one step closer to knitting everything i have ever wanted to knit in shades of vintage. truth be told, my mind has not been totally shattered to bits by the magnificence of the new vintage patterns. while i'm being honest, i have been looking forward to a new spring vintage booklet for months, so it's possible that my expectations were just too high to be met. however, there are still some patterns that are going to become members of my queue, most notably, this sailor sweater:

it may be knit in tan and white, but you can't fool me. i know a nautical knit when i see one.

i'm not normally that into knitting scarves, but i am into knitting textures, so i think this little guy might be a fun, quick way to try out the new vintage dk.

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