Jan 26, 2011

on the radar for spring 2011: bargains

this spring, i'm liking the same stuff i always like: wide-leg pants, full skirts, and anything that reminds me of (preferably french) sailors. i'm not too good at picking one splurge for the new season and calling it a day (or, um, a season), so i'm trying to be a bit more realistic by picking up a few new pieces from affordable sources. what i've got my eye on at old navy:

images via old navy

i wore the crap out of my last denim skirt and pair of wide-leg jeans from old navy. i'm sure it'd still be wearing them, but, i lost weight, and they just didn't look as good hanging off of my skinny bones. maybe i should have just kept them hidden away until the weight came back, but the idea of not being able to wear my favorite pieces was just too depressing at the time. now that my health and weight have stabilized, i think it's time for some replacements.

more images via old navy

striped tops are always a good thing, and a sailor dress would bring a new option to my collection of nautical pieces.

image via dsw

obviously it isn't spring or summer without a trusty pair of sandals. last year, i was all about finding the perfect pair of flat sandals (thanks, tj maxx!); this year, i'm thinking some wedges in brown or tan are in order. this pair is from dsw.

what's on your list for spring? is it way too early in the year to even think about your spring wardrobe?

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