Feb 26, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished object #8 and #9

i'm back on track this week, sharing a couple somewhat atypical finished "objects." last weekend, i redid my bathroom around some deep red towels chosen to match my unnatural hair color. i kept getting red dye on my old white towels, and i wasn't that in love with my bathroom decor in the first place, so i decided it was time for a change. i bought the shower curtain, hooks, and towels at walmart, and i made the bath mat myself. i'm probably going to end up making another bathmat. this one was started well over a year ago, and i needed to finish it mostly to get it out of my stash. i'm pretty happy with the finished product. the new design ties in a lot better with the rest of my apartment, so i think it's a step up.

the stats:
  • materials: shower curtain, shower curtain liner, shower curtain hooks, towels, cotton yarn, size 11 crochet hook
  • cost: about $44 for the bathroom stuff, yarn and crochet hook free from stash

my other finished object is probably pushing the meaning of the phrase "finished object" a little too much, but i feel like it took long enough to do that it should count. i went through all of my books, purged some that i will either never read or never read again, and then organized them by category. all of my knitting books are in one place, all of my graphic novels are nearby one another, and all my science and teaching books are hanging out together. it's a much better system than what i had before which was the "stick it wherever fits and/or add it to a pile somewhere" system. expect some more spring cleaning kind of projects, but also look forward to some more traditional finished objects of the knitted, crocheted, and beaded varieties.

the stats:
  • materials: too many books, too little shelf space
  • cost: $0, itchy eyes and runny nose from the dust

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