Mar 27, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished object #10 and #11

slowly, slowly getting back on track with 52 weeks, 52 projects. this pink cowl is something i actually started two or three years ago, and, in taking inventory of my stash, i found it and finished it up in roughly 20 minutes. isn't it funny how sometimes you get so close to end of a project, but you're so sick of it that you can't bring yourself to finish it? i think this is actually the first knitted item i ever designed myself, so i fully intend to get a free pattern up for you guys someday. it's a really easy knit; i just need to take some measurements and actually write down my stitch pattern before i can write the super-simple pattern.

the stats:
  • pattern: my own
  • materials: lion brand cotton-ease yarn in berry (2 skeins), size 6 needles
  • cost: rescued from the stash = $0

my other project is something that i cast on and finished yesterday. i saw jaykayknits's knitted jewelry frame on ravelry, and thought "i have to make that." my ears would not tolerate earrings for a couple years, and, mysteriously, the tides have changed and now earrings are okay. since it was literally years since i was last able to wear earrings, i had given all of my old ones away, and now i am slowly replenishing my stock. since i have so few pairs, losing one would be a much bigger disappointment than it was in the old days when earrings were plentiful, so when i saw this i knew i needed one. i bought this silly frame from target around halloween. if you don't know this already, i love bats, so anything batty in the dollar spot is a must-get, even if it is months before i know what to do with it. the yarn is leftover from a shawl that is completely finished, but i haven't yet gotten around to blocking it, so it will be an FO for another day.

the stats:

speaking of tragedies, part of the reason why i've been even worse than anticipated about posting is that my cat, dolly llama, hurt her leg and had to have surgery this week. poor girl has a cast from the top of her leg all the way down past her toes, but she's been a trooper. she came home yesterday and is already able to stand up and take a few steps. she still seems to be sleeping plenty and eating with a healthy appetite. i wish i could say the same for myself, but things are coming back together for me now that the surgery is over and she's less angry about the cast. i have big blog plans for april (earth month), but we'll see how well they actually play themselves out...

ever had a pet crisis? how did you cope with it? any ideas on what to name my cowl design? what crafty goodness are you working on right now? show me your FOs!

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