Apr 19, 2011

taking a breather

while i had lots of great ideas for earth month and more projects for 52 weeks, 52 projects, april has been a killer, and i think it's in my best interest to throw in the towel, let myself off the hook, and use any other applicable cliches that you can think of until i get a chance to recoup. april at school means TAKS review and TAKS testing, which is extra-high stakes for me this year, since, if enough of my students pass, i will get a bonus that more than covers the tremendous vet bills i've accrued over the past month. i blog 100% for fun, and, lately, it's just been a source of guilt and stress. i don't even have the energy to look at other people's blogs. it will be nice to make things just for the sake of making things for awhile. sometimes the blogging/creating cycle makes it feel like i never really finish anything.

to sum it up: i'm taking a break, but i'll be back soon. or maybe i'll be back this summer. whatever. in the meantime, enjoy spring!

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