May 29, 2011


i am not normally one to get too personal on this space, but i'm going through a tough time at the moment, and i think i just need to let this out into the universe. i don't think i've ever mentioned it, but last summer my boyfriend moved from austin to virginia. well, on wednesday, i got a job offer at a school there, and i'm pretty sure i'm going to take it.

the thing is, i am totally terrified. while all things with this job look really promising (and, frankly, better than my current one), i won't really know until i get there. i had a pretty rough school year this year, but it might turn out that devil i know is better than the devil i don't. there's no real reason to think that things will fall apart with eric, but they might.

when i moved to austin, i had nothing to lose, but that is no longer the case. i have some work friends i love, and i had some really, really wonderful students, and i feel terrible that i didn't give them a proper goodbye. i just hate the idea of them going to my room next year to say hi and seeing a stranger in there instead. austin hasn't felt like home since eric left, but it's still hard to think about leaving.

i think moving is a risk that i need to take, but right now it is just terrifying. do you have any advice for me? i'd love to hear it.

May 22, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished objects #17-19

do you ever stuck in a rut of almost-but-not-quite finishing projects, followed by a huge binge adding those finishing touches to several projects? i definitely do, hence the 3 finished knitting projects in one day. i started the magenta lace tank ages and ages ago. seriously, it's been sitting around, waiting for me to weave the ends in for months. i still need to block it, but lord only knows how much longer it will take before i get around to that. the blue tank top is the only for which i used an actual pattern (kind of), and i finished it maybe a couple weeks ago. i love the josephine knot detail on the back. finally, the ivory tank top is an improvised design that i actually knit and finished without a weeks- or months-long pause in the middle.

star trek tank top: the stats
  • pattern:improvised, but heavily inspired by this pattern
  • materials:2 skeins lion brand cotton-ease in azalea, size 9 circular needles, crochet hook
  • cost:$0, all materials from my stash

wondering about the name? the boy has we watching enough star trek episodes that i've started to see things that remind me of it. don't the "horseshoes" look more like the star trek insignia?

seaspray revisited tank top: the stats
  • pattern:the cricket tank with some modifications
  • materials:2 skeins lion brand cotton-ease in seaspray, size 7 circular needles
  • cost:$0, used up leftover yarn from a previous cotton-ease project

ivory tank top: the stats
  • pattern:improvised, but inspired by this tank top
  • materials:3 skeins sugar 'n cream in soft ecru, size 7 circular needles
  • cost: $6 for yarn

May 15, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished objects #15 and 16 and a GIVEAWAY!

i'm slowly getting back into the swing of this whole blogging thing with a button brooch and the baby doll top from "chic & simple sewing" by christine haynes. i chose a black cotton eyelet for my top, and i think i'm going to make a modified one in a red and white plaid next weekend. i was going to sew my bow button onto the top, but then i decided to just glue it onto a pinback for greater versatility. the pattern for the top as is is a little too wide and a little too short for how i like to wear things, so i had to take it in a bit on the sides, and i added an extra band of fabric to the bottom to get the length i wanted.

the stats:
  • materials: black cotton eyelet, elastic for sleeves, button brooch, pinback, jewelry glue
  • cost: $30 for pinking shears to replace the ones i apparently lost. everything else was in my stash.

do you like my bow brooch? i'm making another one to give away. for a chance to win, leave a comment with the one thing you can't live without for summer before this friday (may 20) at midnight (central time). i have 2 weeks of school left, and summer is most definitely on my mind. please be sure that you leave your comment in a way such that i will know how to get in touch with you should you win. a winner will be selected by random number generator saturday morning. good luck!

May 1, 2011


i'm back, at least for this weekend, with a springtime salad for you. it's strawberry time, and, for a twist on last summer's highly successful tomato-and-peach summer salad, i decided to pair up my strawberries with some mango. to create your own springtime salad, assemble your ingredients and follow along:

ingredients: carton of strawberries, 1 especially large mango or 2 smaller mangoes, small bunch of cilantro, lime juice, honey, salt

  • chop your strawberries, mango, and cilantro and put in salad bowl.
  • sprinkle a few pinches of salt over the fruit.
  • drizzle honey and lime juice over fruit.
  • mix thoroughly.
  • enjoy.