Jun 22, 2011

the upside of a long layover

have i officially announced that i am moving? well, I AM MOVING in about a week and a half. i am excited about the move, but, at the moment anyway, i mostly feel totally panicked. i am in great shape packing-wise, i'm checking off certification reciprocity requirements like it's my job (because it kind of is), but i just feel an underlying anxiety about the whole thing. i'll be glad when it's all over.

anyway, to the main idea of this post: i was recently in roanoke to find an apartment, and i ended up with a 4-hour layover in atlanta on my way back. i have historically really disliked the atlanta airport. it's crowded, it seems like all the seats are always taken, and it seems like there's always a delay on my flight out of there, so i was really dismayed when i realized that i was going to have to be there for so long. but then i remembered that i had read a magazine article (in whole living, i think?) about gourmet/healthy/organic restaurants tucked into airport terminals, and i remembered that the dreaded atlanta airport has one. i looked it up, and decided to make one flew south a must-stop for my exceedingly long layover.

the scallops were excellent, and i really enjoyed the fish miso chowder as well, but, i must say, i think the best bite of the whole meal might have been the sour cherry garnish on my cocktail. the cherries were perfectly ripe, and they tasted just like summer. one flew south is located in the E concourse, which i gathered is the international concourse. it is incredibly different from the other concourses: there was a mini-museum exhibit about martin luther king, jr., a man playing jazz standards on a baby grand, and clean, beautiful book shops and a massive duty-free. it is still very crowded, but it just feels so much nicer than the other concourses. if you find yourself with a couple hours to kill waiting for a flight in atlanta, you should definitely, definitely head down to the E concourse, pick up a new book, and treat yourself to a cocktail.

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