Jul 25, 2011

on punk rock and spunk rock

while i continue transitioning between texas and virginia, i bring you a post that does not require me to take any pictures: a post about music!

i don't think it's any secret that punk rock makes my little heart sing, but i'm not sure it's actually ever come up on this blog. don't worry. this is not where i claim to be a punk. i like color, i like cuteness, and punk rock makes me very, very happy. what can i say? i am a complicated girl.

let's add to the complication with another one of my loves. this one is much more of a guilty pleasure. i also love what i've heard termed 'spunk rock.' specifically, there's something i really like about avril lavigne. if you are thinking, "wait... spunk rock? avril lavigne is totally punk!", i'm sorry, but you should refer to the choreographed dance number in the 'girlfriend' video immediately, before you embarrass yourself.

today i'm sharing with you some of my very favorite punk rock and spunk rock songs, featuring propagandhi and avril. both of my propagandhi choices come from their album 'how to clean everything,' which is my favorite album of all time hands-down, the-end, period. why canadian anarchist anger makes me so happy i don't know (sheer awesomeness, perhaps?), but just the opening bars of the first song 'anti-manesto' immediately put me in a great mood. as for avril, sometimes you have one of those days that you just need to dance out, and, when those days strike, i know avril's always got my back.

what are your go-to happy songs?