Oct 19, 2011

midweek check-in

image via words imagined

if anything, i am feeling less content at work than ever, and some interesting things are coming out of it. whenever i am really unhappy at work, i always get the urge to make my home life as comfortable, enjoyable, and unlike work as possible. this often leads toward making positive changes, like doing a better job of keeping my space clutter-free, taking yoga classes, and taking some time every day to relax and do nothing. this time around, it has manifested itself as an urge to purge. suddenly my full closet and piles of books and magazines are anathema to me. at my heart, i don't feel like someone who values possessions so very highly, but walk through my apartment and you'll find all of the trappings of conspicuous consumerism.

so here's a thought: is living authentically the key to true contentment? if you determine what you value most and use those values to drive your decisions, will you become more satisfied with your life than someone not as self-aware? as always, i'd love to hear your thoughts.

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