Oct 9, 2011

a new plan

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last week, i found myself doing a lot of yoga, feeling like i needed to do a lot of yoga, and feeling way less stressed as a result of all the yoga. whenever i find myself on a big yoga kick, there are a couple things that happen: i get the urge to buy new yoga clothes (which i have so far squelched), and i re-read my yoga books. hardcore yogis and yoginis might cringe at this, but my favorite yoga book is 'hip tranquil chick' by kimberly wilson. it's pink and very cutesy, but if you can look past all of the fluff and gratuitous use of french words, there's a lot of good stuff at the heart of the book. the book seems a little silly on the surface, but i think it really delivers on the promise held in its subtitle, 'a guide to life on and off the mat.' wilson goes through critical sections of the yoga sutra, and she explains how ancient teachings are directly applicable to the average 20- or 30-something woman's life. kimberly wilson's average woman happens to be analogous to glamour magazine's average woman (emphasis on girly stuff like shopping, mani-pedis, etc.), but i think any woman looking to live a more intentional and meaningful life can relate.

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one of the first things in 'hip tranquil chick' is a list of the 5 niyamas (do's) and the 5 yamas (don'ts). as i was reading them for the other day, i started thinking, 'hm... i could focus on one of the niyamas or yamas each week, and make a list of related tasks to accomplish to better align my life with those ideals. i want to get back into blogging... maybe this would be a good thing to blog about...' if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that i'm not great at following through with the great, grandiose plans that i hatch. however, i think that, in this case, falling short of my lofty goals will just mean that i spent a little bit less time doing something positive than i would have liked. meeting any of my goals at all will be a step in a positive direction.

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anyone want to follow along with me? i'll be posting my intentions and actions for the week each monday. if you're interested, let me know! i would love to have some 'project yoga' buddies!

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