Oct 31, 2011

project yoga: austerity

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remember how a couple weeks ago i said i was totally disgusted by the volume of stuff cluttering up my apartment? well, i couldn't have set this week up any better if i had tried. this week is all about austerity, which, to me, first and foremost means not being materialistic. since i do have an interest in design, style, fashion, etc., i tend to interpret this more as only keeping things around that are 'just right,' and letting go of the 'so-so.' nothing exemplifies that idea of having one perfect sweater, perfume, coffee mug than ill seen, ill said's sunday best posts. jane just nails it right on the head every week, and her posts will definitely be a source of inspiration as i declutter this week.

image via ill seen, ill said

according to 'hip tranquil chick,' austerity also means maintaining self-discipline to achieve personal goals. the obvious thing to do first is analyze what i have laying around my apartment and purge, purge, purge. i'm also going to pick a couple goals to focus on to practice a little self-discipline. the end is in sight for paying off my debt, but i will have to stay the course in order to do it as soon as possible. that will be goal #1. lately, i've been thinking more and more about getting things going again with my etsy shop, so reentering the world of crafty e-commerce will be goal #2.

image via ill seen, ill said

austere 'to do's':
  • go through all areas of my apartment, keep what i need and/or love, and let go of the rest. for inspiration and guidance, keep the following quote from the shakers in mind: 'don't make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful.'
  • stay the course with the spending hiatus. freeing up money to put to those last few payments is the easiest way to be debt-free.
  • re-list items i haven't yet sold in my etsy shop.
  • brainstorm and/or make new items for my etsy shop.
  • boost motivation by giving the shop a fresh look with a new banner and avatar.
  • actually do some on-the-mat yoga. that's what kicked off this whole project, and yet it went onto the back burner basically the minute i started this project.

what are your thoughts on austerity? any goals that could use a little more focused self-discipline? considering doing some 'fall cleaning' yourself?

p.s. happy halloween!

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