Oct 17, 2011

project yoga: contentment

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this is a pretty timely one for me: i've been feeling the opposite of content with some issues at work, and i've always been someone who looks ahead to the next thing. i read about a study awhile ago that suggests that democrats tend to have high attraction to novelty, and republicans have a high attraction to what they know. don't worry; i'm not about to launch into a political rant here, but i do happen to be quite liberal, and i do happen to have a strong taste for novelty. unfortunately, that strong taste for novelty can sometimes lead to never really feeling satisfied. this is definitely something for me to work on.

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'to do's' for feeling more content at work:
  • accept what i can and cannot change.
  • instead of venting, ask for advice or write the venting down. a lot of times, writing about issues in a journal makes things much more clear for me than trying to talk them out.
  • look for yoga sequences designed to help increase feelings of contentment, stability, or rootedness. it will be easier to feel content at work if i don't feel like every little thing going on outside my classroom rocks what goes on inside my classroom.

'to do's' for feeling more content with my stuff:
  • do laundry more often. sometimes i forget what i have when clothes start piling up in the laundry bag.
  • hem pants and do other repairs so that i can actually wear everything that's hanging in my closet.
  • use the things i have: cook a meal with a piece of cookware i don't frequently use. read a book that's been collecting dust on my bookshelf. start a new craft project using materials i already have.
  • do a mini spending hiatus. don't buy anything this week unless it is a true necessity.
  • avoid things that make me want new stuff: some magazines, online shops, some blogs.

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why all the pictures of sleeping kittens? because i can't think of anything that better symbolizes contentment.

what makes you feel content? do you have any tips for dealing with people who actively spread discontent?

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