Oct 16, 2011

project yoga: end of week report

i started writing a post about how i didn't really achieve many of my goals for this week, but then i looked back at my list, and i didn't do so badly after all. i did do some cleaning, i did bits and pieces of yoga journal's fall detox, and i drank a lot of green juice. i avoiding plastic and styrofoam, i culled some of products from my bathroom, and i drank an herbal detox tea instead of my usual caffeinated green tea. i (mostly) ate good foods, and, when i went to floyd with my mom yesterday, i came back with things that are either local, sustainable, or both.

i have today to finish up my week of increasing purity and plan next week's focus and goals. i plan to finish cleaning my apartment and clear the decks for week 2. week 2 of project yoga is all about contentment, which i'll talk more about tomorrow. for now, i will share what i got out of a week of purity:

  • less irritation: it's nice to come home to an apartment where there are clean glasses and spoons.
  • less severe allergy symptoms: i pretty much had a headache all day every day, but i think using my neti pot made the headaches a bearable level instead of a debilitating level. living in texas made me forget that i am apparently allergic to everything in virginia.
  • ideas of where to go next: the new magical heartburn medicine i'd been trying totally lost its luster this week, and i feel like i'm back to square one on the GERD front. i keep seeing articles that mention the alkalizing properties of green juice, and it's true that it's one of the few things i can stomach when the acid is out of control. i should probably have a portion of my paychecks deducted and sent directly to naked juice in exchange for cases of green machine. i've seen some books floating around at places like whole foods about the alkaline diet, and i know that it's totally unscientifically supported, but i'm going to learn more about it. i'm not trying to lose weight or cure allergies, and i'm not at all concerned about the pH of my blood. promising to cure all of your ills and scaring you about the pH of your blood and what it means are the things that have given the alkaline diet the label of quackery. i'm not interested in any of those things. what i am interested in is the pH in my stomach. if i am constantly churning out excess amounts of acid naturally, i really don't need to contribute to that with what i'm eating. if traditional medicine isn't going to do much for me, maybe changing my diet will.

pictured above, some tools for detox and purity: squirt-bottle-style neti pot and salt packets, multivitamins, calcium supplements, vitamin D supplements, fish oil, fiber, badger yoga and meditation balm, yogi berry detox tea, lavender soy candle to light while practicing yoga or meditating, naked juice green machine

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