Oct 30, 2011

project yoga: end of week report

the past couple weeks have been a total killer work-wise (hence the lack of posting), but i think i did manage to luck my way into feeling more content. the key, it turns out is not constructively venting and strategizing about the sources of my discontent, it's just doing stuff that makes me forget all the crap and feel content in the moment: sitting in a coffee shop reading a craft magazine and drinking tea. wandering through the natural foods co-op and/or the farmers' market. spending an afternoon crafting. another key seems to be doing stuff that i might not enjoy per se, but that is critical for feeling sane: getting a chunk of work for school done. cleaning my apartment.

so anyway, i am feeling much better. i am going to assume that another part of my success this week was sticking reasonably closely to a spending hiatus, and maybe that will help me keep it going past this week.

pictured are some of my halloween decorations. how are you decorating? are you doing anything special tomorrow night?

p.s. for those keeping track, my halloween projects are numbers 20-22. two months left, and i have 30 more projects to post to complete my 52 weeks, 52 projects challenge.

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