Oct 10, 2011

project yoga: purity

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it is week 1 of project yoga, and i am feeling good. i read about yoga journal's 21-day challenge way back in january or february, and, since then, i've been very curious about how spending weeks focused on yoga might alter my perspective. 10 weeks is quite a bit longer than 3, but that's just more reason to believe that this experience will stick with me for awhile.

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let's get started! the first of the niyamas, or yogic do's, is purity. purity means a few major things: clutter-free, tranquil space to live and work in, being mindful of what you put on or in your body, and making choices and taking actions ethically. it's hard to retain purity of spirit if most of your actions are of the self-serving, back-stabbing variety or if you spend your days chugging coffee and your nights downing alcohol.

image via whole living

here is my 'to do' list for this week:
  • declutter and clean my apartment.
  • buy healthy foods to eat through the week that reduce chemical exposure, environmental impact, and human impact.
  • avoid excess caffeine, excess sugar, and fake, processed foods.
  • avoid plastic and styrofoam.
  • take my vitamins.
  • do some restorative and/or detoxifying yoga sequences.
  • go through my toiletries and makeup, and determine ways to lesson chemical exposure, environmental impact, and human impact.

image via whole living

i hope to check in with you guys on my progress throughout the week. in the meantime, what are you going to do to add purity to your life?

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