Nov 23, 2011

a change of pace

image via fossil

i feel like i only just barely survived, but i finally made it to thanksgiving break. you may have noticed that i haven't posted a new week's worth of goals for project yoga. i've come to the end of the yogic do's, and i think i'm going to take a break and let that stuff germinate for a bit before i move on to the yoga don'ts. especially with the holidays around the corner, i think i'd like to take a break from emotionally-heavy projects and do something a bit more festive and frivolous.

image via fossil

and so i am pleased to announce that i am going to take another stab at the 30-for-30 challenge from kendi everyday. my interest in personal style blogs had been waning, until i saw kendi's 30-for-30 lookbook for fossil. i love fossil enough as it is, but pair their gorgeous clothes and accessories with kendi's cute style, and you have a match made in my kind of sartorial heaven. my favorite looks are pictured here.

image via fossil

i will officially start the challenge on black friday. seems like a good day to start a challenge that focuses on doing more with less, right? kendi has broadened the challenge to be more of a start-whenever-you-want, play-by-your-own-rules kind of thing, so here's how i will structure my challenge:

  1. my 30 pieces are clothing only--they do not include shoes, socks, tights, or accessories of any kind. i can wear as many of those as i want.
  2. during the 30 days of the challenge, i will not buy anything new (clothing or accessories).
  3. the challenge will start black friday and end on christmas eve.
  4. yoga clothes don't count, as long as i actually do yoga at some point while i am wearing them.
  5. my list doesn't include outerwear, so i can wear whichever coat is most appropriate for the weather.

image via fossil

Nov 15, 2011

project yoga: surrender

this week is going to be light on posting... i'm in survival mode until thanksgiving break. luckily, this week is all about surrendering to the things you cannot change. it's nice to be able to challenge yourself with letting go when you're too exhausted to hold on to much :)

Nov 7, 2011

project yoga: self-study

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this week is all about reflection. in a way, this is kind of a tough one to force into a week of intensive study, especially since i've been pretty reflective and introspective throughout this whole endeavor. i'm pretty aware of my particular suite of neuroses, and i've been doing some journaling as other aspects of this project have brought them out. frankly, i feel like this week is more personal than the others so far, and i don't really want to splash my deeply personal business all over my blog. that said, my to-do list for this week will just be to keep doing what i've been doing and get caught up on unfinished goals from previous weeks.