Jul 12, 2012

on returning to normalcy

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the past school year was such a whirlwind of insanity that i have no idea what i did or did not divulge about it on this blog.

for the record, last school year was terrible. 

i'm not going to go into much detail about why or how it was so terrible, because, frankly, dear reader, i would never, ever stop typing. i want to be very clear that i do not now hate teaching or my students. quite the opposite. what i do hate, however, is when adults fail to behave like adults and when other people's extreme disorganization makes it nearly impossible for me to be a professional.

anyway, this post is supposed to be about returning to normalcy after 10 months of insanity. it's also supposed to be about why i haven't been blogging. when the school year ended, i was DONE. i wanted to sleep. i wanted to sit on my couch and stare into space. i wanted to try to forget the previous 10 months, and that's why i haven't been blogging. i have been in recovery from the worst school year i've ever had.

i would like to think that this post symbolizes a return-to-the-blog, but it's hard to say. i have some projects that i would like to share. i might even do a giveaway. but i would have to take and edit a bunch of pictures, write the posts, prep the giveaway, blah blah.

my major is focus right now is on doing things that will give me the best shot possible at having a better year next year. 

things like reducing the clutter in my apartment and organizing what i affectionately refer to as my 'teacher crap.' now, i might be wrong, but i suspect that posts about organizing student supplies into pencil boxes or the superiority of glue sticks over liquid glue would not be the most interesting reading.

i have about a month left until i have to go back to work. i hope to be a little more prolific here and with my other web-based endeavors, but we'll see. i'm particularly keen to work on systems or routines that would help with stress-reduction during the upcoming school year.

do you have any tips for holding onto your sanity when times are tough? do you have any 'safeguards' against complete and utter burnout?

i'd love to hear from anyone, but i would especially like to hear from fellow teachers.