Aug 30, 2012

times, they are a-changin'

it's taken me months to actually sit down and write this post. i've edited it over and over again in my head. early drafts included an announcement that after years of kellymagelli i would be calling it quits. a different version involved an announcement that i would only be blogging about crafts from now on. after much deliberation, and some food for thought from 'ill seen, ill said,' i've settled on what you are reading now. i've been pretty disillusioned with many of the blogs that i used to devour every weekend. it seems like many of them fit into one of 3 categories: 'look at my amazing, creative, fulfilling and seemingly-perfect life,' 'look at pictures of things you can buy,' and 'look at the adorable outfit i wore today and will never wear again.' despite the fact that the comments on these blogs seem to go on and on about how inspiring they are, i find myself dubious. what exactly is so inspiring about a pair of no. 6 boots? are the other people reading these blogs looking at the boots and then going into a state of manic creativity, producing art and/or writing and/or design all thanks to the one picture of expensive boots? or are they actually just inspired to buy boots? does inspiration to shop count as inspiration at all?

anyway, the 'look at my amazing crafty life' blogs are, in my opinion, a more legitimate source of real inspiration, but i began to wonder, 'what if i took the time i spend reading about other people being creative and used it to actually do something creative? wouldn't actually having a creative life be better than dreaming about someone else's?' this past summer, i spent a lot of time knitting, drawing, cross-stitching, making art, and doing any other creative act i could think of, and it was, in fact, a lot more fulfilling than just reading blogs and daydreaming. this is why i was considering leaving blogging: it is just so much better to spend time on your own life than pining over someone else's, and it's nice to release yourself from the pressure to make everything you do publishable. i don't want to be part of a community that promotes comparing yourself with others, consumerism, a general lack of sustainability, and using what is essentially advertising as a stand-in for actual creation and inspiration, and that is a lot of what i saw around me in the blogosphere.

so what do you do when you are a blogger who is sick of bloggers? this is what i want to try: projects that anyone can do along with me. a general mood or theme each month that allows me to focus on a couple projects or ideas and allows readers to use the theme as a starting point for developing ideas for themselves. a book club for making the world a better place. the times, they are a-changin' around here.

what do you think? are you over blogs that fuel consumption? are you looking for a blog that invites you to join in on a project without paying for an e-course? i hope you'll join me as i head out in a new direction.