Sep 2, 2012

introducing... PROJECT simplification

if you're anything like me, you have a lot of stuff. so much, in fact, that you have a hard time putting your hand on the things you need when you need them. maybe you are sometimes tempted to buy yet more stuff to deal with what you already own. are you sick of exerting so much effort for what is really just stuff? have you ever daydreamed about the calm, serene homes you see in lifestyle and decor magazines? well, my friends, the solution is not better organization. it's simplification.

it's time to lighten our loads.

maybe you're also a little bit like me in that you've gone on big decluttering kicks before only to 'relapse' only a few months later. i've been there, and it isn't cute. in fact, it's where i am right now. 'PROJECT simplification' is a system that i've devised for myself to make changes mindfully instead of manically. the goal is a little bit like a taoist paradox:

i want to feel like i have more by having less.

this isn't a weekend project. it's a month-long project that you could easily expand out to a season-long project. there won't be instant gratification, but the pay-off at the end will be huge. consider yourself officially invited to simply your life right alongside me.

are you onboard? ok, then, let's get this party started...

in the first month of 'PROJECT simplification,' we'll look at some of the biggest trouble areas for the average woman: clothes, accessories, and makeup. there are 3 easy steps for you to take to get started:

STEP ONE: don't buy anything new.
just don't. it defeats the purpose, and it just adds more 'noise' to an already-messy problem.

STEP TWO: write down what you wear every day.
make sure you note any accessories you wore, from jewelry to your choice of bag and shoes. much like you might track your expenses for a month before making a budget, we're going to track our clothing choices for a month to see how much of our wardrobes we're actually wearing. we'll then use this data to determine what should stay and what should go. stay on top of laundry. if you find yourself wearing things you don't even like because you forgot to do laundry, that's not reliable data.

STEP THREE: cut the contents of your makeup bag down to the bare essentials.
don't throw anything away yet. just pick out your most basic essentials, put them in your makeup bag, and then put everything else out of sight. anything you end up pulling out of storage over the course of the month is a keeper. anything you didn't use all month is a goner. need some help determining your basic essentials? check out stylelist's beauty street style archives to see some ladies who look fabulous with just a few products.

are you joining in on the fun? 
please feel free to post the logo below on your blog (and please link it back to me!), then comment on this post that you've joined the project. i'll add your name and URL to my 'PROJECT simplication' page.

send me some feedback! are these 3 steps easier than you anticipated? harder? do you find yourself wearing more of your clothes just you can stop writing down 'jeans and t-shirt'? have you made any modifications to the 3 steps to make them work better for you? i would love to hear how things are going for you!

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