Sep 18, 2012

project 333

project 333

so... i already typed out this post once, and blogger froze, so i'm just going to go back and hit the highlights of what i wrote before:

  1. on monday, i began project 333, and project where for 3 months, you don't buy anything new and you limit your wardrobe to 33 pieces. 
  2. i'm still doing PROJECT simplification, but instead of writing down what i wear every day, i'm just sticking to my 33.
  3. i'm breaking the rules a little bit by selecting 33 pieces of clothing and allowing myself to wear whatever accessories and shoes i want. in the truest version of the project, accessories and shoes are included in the 33.
  4. i only found out about this on sunday, and the fall phase of the project started monday, so above is what i have selected so far (plus the clothes i'm currently wearing): an adorable, fair trade cotton dress from mata traders, and a cropped sweater i knitted a couple years ago.
  5. you can get more details about project 333 from their website or their facebook page.
what do you think about project 333? are you in? check back soon for more about my P333!

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