Dec 1, 2013

real talk: creating space

image by chris andre via yoga journal
as 2013 begins to wind down, i find myself looking forward to not just the upcoming holiday festivities but also the promise of a new year. this year has not been particularly kind to me. while i never doubted that i would survive it, it has been emotionally and physically painful. there have been many days during which the best thing that happened was that they ended. but that's ok. without those days for contrast, the really beautiful, happy moments in life just aren't as special.

i am very good at the finding the silver lining of generally crappy things, but lately i find myself thinking, "the ending of each sucky day brings me one day closer to something better." still optimistic, yes, but just barely.  so 2013 has been a bitch, but that's not what this post is about. this post is about creating space to make room for better things.

i very much want 2014 to be a better year, but that doesn't seem likely to happen with an apartment and head full of clutter, so lately i've been thinking about ways to make way for a bright, shiny new year:

  • first the obvious: declutter. get rid of stuff. especially things the sight of which brings up any kind of negative emotion.
  • meditate. a lot.
  • stop watching tv. seriously, how is anything going to improve by watching reruns of 'say yes to the dress'? use that time to do something useful (like decluttering or meditating) instead.
  • do yoga. then, do more yoga.
  • stay away from facebook. replacing my own 'mental clutter' with the nonsense on my newsfeed isn't clearing the way for anything better. my real life friends would probably prefer talking to me when i'm in a mentally-sunnier place anyway.
  • avoid energy vampires. you know, those people that drain away any trace of a good mood (or hope) that you had with their complaining and negativity. i have somehow become everyone's favorite person to dump all over at work. not cool and not going to continue.
  • read books, magazines, and blogs that promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle rather than a materialistic lifestyle. there's nothing wrong with a little escape into a totally indulgent fashion-obsessed world, but all the lipgloss and shoes in the world won't make my life better.

so anyway, this is my focus for the rest of the year. that and having a nice holiday, because i have sure as hell earned it. and if all else fails, i will watch this video on repeat: